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  • Budwisefunds Recommended Plans

    These funds invests in companies with a large market capitalization. Budwisefunds can assist you in choosing the best 5 large cap funds.

    Balanced funds are funds that give investors a healthy mix of safety, value and capital appreciation. Budwisefunds can assist you in choosing the best 5 balanced funds.

    Effective planning can help you save money and avoid unnecessary tax outgo. Budwisefunds can guide you in choosing the best 5 tax saving plans.

    Invest your money in all seasons funds like multicap funds which are less risky and more diversified. Choose amongst recommended best 5 funds from the carefully selected basket of multi cap funds.

    Invest in India’s growth and be a part of our infrastructure development.

    These funds invest in companies which have potential of becoming bluechip in future.Budwisefunds can assist you in choosing the best 5 mid cap funds.

    These funds invest in shares of companies whose ranks start from 251th from the universe of thousands stock. The ideas properly implemented will give you small cap company.

    We have got all your needs covered as you can invest in any of our recommended plans. These plans have been selected keeping in mind the diverse needs of the clients. One can invest in any of these plans based on one’s risk appetite, time horizon and liquidity requirements.

    These plans can be chosen based on your future goals. For example, if your goal is 20 years away, and you are moderate to an aggressive investor then you can invest in any of our recommended mid or small cap funds which will invest your money in growing companies that are poised to become future leaders.


    LARGE CAP FUNDS – An investor with moderate high risk can invest in these funds as they invest in blue chip companies which are quite stable.

    BALANCED FUNDS – These funds invests in multiple assets classes like equity, debt and gold. An investor who is not willing to invest in a pure equity scheme may choose these funds.

    ELSS FUNDS – If you are not able to exhaust your basic 80C limit then you can invest in these funds. But do remember that these funds come with a minimum lock-in period of 3 years. This is the best tax saving instrument available in the market in terms of tax adjusted returns.

    MULTICAP FUNDS – These schemes are pure equity schemes which generally take exposure across large, mid and small cap companies. A new moderate to aggressive investor can start investing in these in order to have a taste of equity markets.

    INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDS – These schemes primarily invest in those companies which are directly or indirectly related to infrastructure development of the country.

    MID CAP FUNDS – These funds are suitable for those investors who can bear some extra risk and want to earn higher returns. These funds suits those customers with an investment horizon of more than 5 years.

    SMALL CAP FUNDS – These schemes are the riskiest category as they invest in small cap companies which are generally very volatile in nature. The returns of small cap funds are also un-comparable vis-à-vis risk taken by the client.


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