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  • Double Your Money Calculator – How to double your Money?

    This calculator will help you in finding the number of years required to double your money. You just have to enter the rate of return you are getting on your investments and it will show you the number of years it will take to double your money.

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    Doubling your money has deep psychology where the risk-taking factor is given immense returns. The ideal dream of any investor is to double their investment and one should always aim for it. However, reaching the point that doubles the investments depends on the risk-taking capability of the investor. Basically, there are five ways to double your money:

    The Safe Way;
    The Classic Way;;
    The Best Way;
    The Speculative Way;
    The Contrarian Way

    The Safe way considers the least risk-taking of the investor which includes investing in bonds. Considering the zero-coupon bonds is an ideal example of the safe way of doubling your money. The second method, classic way means earning it slowly. This method undertakes the rule of 72 which calculates how long will it take to double your money. The best way method invests the money in heavyweight champ matching the employer’s contribution or some other employer sponsored retirement –plan. The speculative way takes into consideration the puts and calls which can be speculated on any company’s stocks. However, as the name says it is speculative in nature and it is advised to do your homework properly before investing in it. Lastly, the contrarian method says that you must know when to buy, the classic barometers used to understand the stocks are book value and price-to-earnings ratio.

    No matter which one of the above methods appeal to you or match your needs, it is just an advice. The promises of doubling your money should always be backed up by your own research and quality home-work before investing.

    What is double your money calculator?

    Doubling your money uses the rule of 72 to determine the number of years or the time period to double a particular amount of money. The doubling calculator is a free online tool designed for investment calculation which is programmed to calculate how many years and months will it take to double your money. The calculator uses the required number of years to double your money based on the interest rate that you are getting on your investments.

    The double your money calculator is also known as the rule of 72 calculator which works in two ways. One is you can find the number of years by putting in the rate of interest. The second way backward in which you can put the number of years in which you would like to double your money and it will give you the required rate of interest. The basic formulas for both of these methods are:

    Y = 72 / r; OR
    r = 72 / Y
    r = Rate of interest;
    Y = Number of years.

    The above formulas would tell you either number of years or rate of interest to double your money. However, the doubling rule also depends on the risk-taking ability of the investor and the investment products.

    How to double your money?

    There is no magic that can double your money overnight. There are a lot of efforts included in financial planning that helps you to achieve your goals. After knowing about doubling the money, you may now think about how to double your money in a short period of time?

    Doubling your money takes into account various investment options and products which should be studied carefully before investing. The next step is to determine the number of years or the time period with the help of the rule of 72 calculator.

    Steps in using double your money calculator

    The double your money calculator is comparatively easy to use than the other calculators. It just takes a few seconds to get the results with no much inputs needed. All you have to do is enter the rate of interest that you are getting on your investments or expected rate of return. The calculator then will show you the number of years or time period by which your money will get doubled.

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    The above Picture 1 shows the number of years when the rate of interest is 8%. In this case, the number of years in which your money will double comes to 9 years. The calculator uses rule 72 to determine the years where you can also calculate the required per-cent by applying the rule 72 formula manually.

    For instance, if you want to double your money in the next 5 years, you may use the below mentioned formula.

    r = 72 / Y
    Where, r = 72 / 5
    Therefore, r = 14.4%

    Hence, it can be said that for me to double my money in the next five years, I need to invest my money in the investment product which is giving approximately 14.4% returns.

    Benefits of using double your money calculator in goal planning?

    Goal planning simply means achieving your life goals with accurate financial planning. There is no life goal which can be achieved without money. Hence, financial planning is a crucial factor that plays a role in achieving the goals and living a financially content life. We as individuals are unique from each other but the phases of our lives are almost the same which can be childhood, education, higher education, job, marriage, child’s education and so on. Similarly, you can have any of these as your goal and plan the finances accordingly.

    The double your money calculator helps you to get the exact time until your money doubles through various investment options. There are various benefits of using this calculator for goal planning which is described as below:

    You know nearly the exact time of your doubled money;
    You can plan finances for multiple goals through the priority model;
    The financial load of paying a big chunk of money is reduced;
    The small chunks of money make it easy to save;
    The feeling of security is the major factor that has a positive impact on the overall health of an individual;
    You can know the required rate of interest to double your money and invest accordingly;
    It is an easy calculator which does not require any specific skills. However, it is always advisable to seek professional help before investing.

    What is the rule of 72?

    Rule 72 states the amount of time required to double your money. For instance, you can estimate the time to double your investment plan for a 6 percent return by dividing it by 72. The number of years, in this case, comes to 12 years. Similarly, if you are investing in a 3 percent return plan, the time of doubling your money will be 24 years.

    Conversely, you can also determine the required rate of interest to double your money by working backward. For instance, if you want to double your money in 8 years, simply divide it by 72 which gives us the result of 9 percent. This means that you need to select the investment plan that will give you the return of 9 percent in the coming 8 years.

    Best instruments to double your money:

    In the world of financial planning, you will find various options that will help you in increasing your money through returns. Some of the investment products are shares, mutual funds, bonds, bank FD, PPF, derivatives, options, and so on. These products give returns depending upon the risk involved in each of them. For instance, shares have the maximum risk as it is completely dependent on the share market, the company’s internal and external factors. However, government bonds possess minimum risk. But, shares can give the investor maximum returns and bonds gives minimum returns.

    In order to double the investor’s money, shares and mutual funds can be the best options as they serve the maximum returns. Both of these products depend on the share market, internal and external factors of the company. However, the risk in mutual funds can be balanced by choosing the right risk-ratio. Whereas, the risk of investing directly in the share market cannot be balanced. The systematic investment plan (SIP) in mutual funds makes it easy for the investor to invest a small chunk of money every month and it has a proven record of high returns if invested for long-term.

    Other investment options are bank FD and PPF. The interest rates on bank FD are fixed by the RBI and the current rate lies between 6.25 to 7.5% which depends on investment tenure and the bank. The interest rates of PPF is 7.9% p.a.


    Q1. How do I select the interest rate?
    The interest rate can be selected based on the returns on current investment products.

    Q2. Can I invest as an individual directly?
    A. Yes. But it is advisable to seek a professional advisor before investing in the mutual fund dynamic market.

    Q3. Is this calculator full-proof that I will double my money within the aforesaid time?
    A. Yes. It is a calculator which gives output based on the input values. So, if your future assessment about returns is correct, then your predictions will be 100 percent correct.Lastly,all investments are subject to market risks.

    Q4. I am new to investment; how do I plan it?
    A. If you are a new investor, then it is highly advised to seek a professional help and follow their guidance.

    Q5. What are the different options through which I can double my money?
    A. There are various investment products such as mutual funds, shares, bonds, options, derivatives, FD, RD, PPF, and so on. You can choose based on your risk-taking ability. In the long term, mutual funds will give you maximum returns.

    If you still have any other questions/ queries in mind, do not hesitate in contacting us.


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